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Three girls, three days, three projects (and a bit more)


Today our three granddaughters left to spend some time with their Grandma Donna  before school starts. We were so happy to have them spend a few days with us, we had several projects lined up before they got here. We thought we would share them with you…

Doll Quilts and Pillows

The most elaborate project was making quilts for their American Girl dolls, I have lost count of how many of these dolls each girl has, so we’ll just get right to the result.

girls and quilts

From left, Calla, Ellery and Caitlyn display their American Girl quilts

The quilts each have 35 three inch blocks. They each chose different fabrics for the back and binding so they could remember whose was whose.

quilt backs

Bringing backs back

Each of the girls chose the pattern of her blocks and Caitlyn was always ready first and such a wonderful and willing helper to the other girls.

We used Calla’s sewing machine for a while, but we couldn’t make it work very well so we eventually gave up and she plans to bring the instruction manual when she comes next time.

After we finished the quilts, the girls were worried their American girls would be nice and cozy warm but their heads would hurt, so they decided their American girls would be far more comfortable if we also made pillows, so we did!

Cate used fabric from her quilt back and binding for her pillow, Calla isn’t sure she wants to reveal herself for another photo, and Ellery’s pillow (and lots of other things) makes her giggle.

Look at those dolls, don’t they look comfortable while they’re sleeping?

Well, at least Calla and Cate have restfully sleeping dolls. But I’m a little worried about Ellery’s doll. I’m thinking she might have a headache 😦

But sometimes a cute pose is worth a headache or two… 🙂

Art Projects

We did a lot more than sewing, however. For example, they painted and decorated birdhouses…

After the paint was dry (you’ll notice each girl used multiple colors), they applied glitter, stickers, special line art paint and lots of love.

As you can see, they’re quite small, maybe hummingbird size. Calla pointed out she really thought we should have provided large birdhouses because that’s the kind she always wanted to have.

Self Portraits

And last but not least, we did self portraits. I printed some portrait photographs (using the Poster Edges filter in Photoshop) that Caitlyn’s mom Stacey had taken they could incorporate directly in their art work, or use as the basis for a drawing.  They embellished them with paint, feathers, glitter, jewels and I can’t remember what else but I’m sure they can!


Caledonia, age 8 (she's a third grader!)

Caitlyn, age 7-1/2

Ellery, just turned 5!

Ellery just turned five years old!

Wouldn’t you agree that we have the most adorable, winsome and special granddaughters? They’ve only been gone a few hours but the house feels empty and sounds much quieter than it did not long ago. We hope they make this trip to stay with Grandpa Ric and Grandma Marie every summer from now on.

Oh, yeah, one more thing. We got a little foot therapy – pedicures at our neighborhood Dosha Salon. Doesn’t everybody look super comfy and relaxed! Just like the American Girls with pillows.


The most relaxed we all were this week!

We love you girls!