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CKC #46: Nothin’ like a home cooked meal.


On Saturday we went to sister Sarah’s home in Longview for our annual birthday celebration. Four of us have birthdays between June 21 and July 21, and Sarah’s isn’t that much later (in September). Nephew Jeff is odd man out on account of being born in January. But he can’t complain too much this year, since his gift was attending part of the NCAA March Madness tournament at Portland’s Rose Garden.

Jeff and Dave delivering the freshly glazed BBQ ribs. As they say in Vernon, Florida, “a fine piece of meat for the dinin’ table”

This year there was no question who would be hosting, given the cookless state of our kitchen. Actually, come to think of it, the Kosses usually host it because they have such an enormous and beautiful back yard, while our little postage stamp one is nice but anything but spacious. And our deck has been off limits to us this summer as it serves as a wood sawing and staging area.

Brother-in-law Dave is known for his BBQ skills (and his pasta and pizza and deep-fried turkey!). Oh, yeah, his chocolate chip cookie pie as well. Yum.

At our summer birthday celebration this year, he took on ribs. On the rotisserie on his BBQ. Ribs on a rotisserie????? Oh, yeah. He put the ribs in a kind of sine wave, with the skewer through the meaty middles. Kind of like hand quilting, when you take the needle and weave it through an inch or so of fabric and batting at a time.

With an amazingly delicious sauce. Take a look for yourselves.

Now I can’t complain about our meals over the course of our cookless kitchen, but there just ain’t nothin’ better than a home cooked meal, is there? To go with our tasty ribs, Sarah made corn on the cob, potato wedges, baked beans and several kinds of summer fruit.

We finished off the meal with a Seventh Heaven cake from Jaciva’s. Which is exactly where the cake took us.

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Paul was installing the dishwasher and kitchen faucet. He tried to put the stove in, but it turns out we need a little trim on the granite before it will fit all the way.

No problem, because the granite guys are due back tomorrow morning to add the missing steel support to the tablette. I’m not sure I want to watch. Please let the process not ruin the cabinets underneath.

I’ll feel ever so much better when it’s over…

The counter has a sink, the sink has a faucet and the dishwasher is in. And working. Is that the light at the end of the tunnel coming in through the new window?