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lights at cartopia

Holiday lights shine oh so bright every night at Cartopia!

When one has a blog, one feels it is redundant to do a holiday letter. One acknowledges that would apply to ones who blog regularly and reliably. Which one doesn’t.

So here’s our holiday letter:

Holiday Letter 2010 from Marie, Ric & Blaine

Yes, that’s it. That’s really it. That’s why I blogged so seldomly. No big medical crises in either humans or dogs.  No adventures into strange lands. No human tragedies on an epic scale. No outlandish outcomes for everyday acts. Pretty much no news.

I must have blogged about the main things. Like you already know I burned the mortgage, right? That my mom and I went on the Oregon Quilt Shop Hop. That our granddaughters visited us last summer and we had a great time. That my dear Aunt Arnelle turned 90. That we had a boatload of spiders in our yard.

That’s all that happened.


Oh yeah, I made applesauce. I believe it was 14 pints.

pups sleeping

Letting sleeping dogs lie (but Pippi is only pretending)

The dogs took quite a few naps.

3 hens

From left, Peppi, Buffy and Dottie

And, oh yeah, we got backyard chickens, you might not know that. We have a Buff Orpington named Buffy. A Silver Lace Wyandotte named Dottie. And a Barred Rock named Peppi. (To go with Pippi and Poppi). Ric built an amazing coop and covered pen that we refer to as the hendo (short for hen condo).

Mr. Doodles (portrait by Curt Deatherage)

We started out with four baby chicks last March 31 but one turned into Mr. Doodles, so we gave him to Cindy and he is enjoying life on her farm. He is one handsome dood, is he not?

We find watching chickens better than watching tv.

On the shortest day of the year we still got two eggs! We haven’t actually purchased eggs since September. But you really wouldn’t want to calculate how much these home grown eggs actually cost us per egg. No, you really wouldn’t.

deviled eggs

Our hens provided Ric with the raw materials to make his awesome deviled eggs to take to Thanksgiving at the Koss home.

mom & sandy

My mom visiting with cousin Sandy

We actually went to Sheila’s house for first time ever, and we treasured every moment we spent with family this year.

Joyce and I went to California last spring, visiting San Francisco and environs, especially plant nurseries around Sonoma. We would have visited more and stopped at more fabric shops except we totally filled the car within hours. We had a really great time and I would show you the photos, except I can’t find them. Anywhere. They must be in the cloud.

Blaine is still geeking at Free Geek five days a week. Here he is sampling the food at Cartopia, one of the founders of Portland’s food cart movement.

Blaine at cartopia

Blaine at Cartopia

I seriously hope Ric has a good explanation for this photo.

Ric is still doing conscientious handymanning and making music. In fact, he has a new very topical song “Don’t Touch My Junk” and an iPhone app so you can get everything Ric all the time! Maybe it will even give you a good explanation for the photo on the right.

Then again, maybe not. 🙂

I’ve been making quilts, gardening and all sorts of other things, in addition to keeping very very busy at work, that’s why I sucked at blogging most of the year.

Sadly, we didn’t get anytime away in Toaster Moon this year… we hope to get a little more down time in 2011. We did manage to see grandson Joe play football in the Seattle area this fall, he is quite the athlete in a whole family of athletes.

joe after football game

Joe celebrating a double digit victory

Let’s see, what else can I tell you. Can’t think of a thing. Wow, we are really boring this year. Maybe it’s my memory, I’ve been stricken with CRS syndrome. No, I think it really is that we’ve turned really boring.

But hey, I just remembered, for many years now, all I’ve wanted for Christmas is a boring life. Maybe my wish finally came true?!?!? OMG!!! It has!! This is unbelievable!!! OMFG!!! This is UNREAL!!!!!  Formidable!! THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING THING THAT’S EVER HAPPENED TO ME!!?!?!?!

It’s going to take a while to recover from this.

While we’re doing that, please have a wonderful holiday and may all your wishes come true too!

Marie, Ric and Blaine