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CKC #52: Second course, as viewed in morning light


More glimpses of the almost finished kitchen. This time in morning light.

This is the view from my morning office today, it’s too hot on the second floor where my regular office is, so I have my laptop set up on the kitchen table.

I even made coffee, which means our kitchen is no longer cookless… and these chronicles will come to an end soon.

And this is what the chair I’m sitting in looks like when I’m not sitting in it 🙂 Isn’t it divine?! And the dishtowel almost matches it. Yes, I do realize I am ridiculous. In case you were wondering.

Here’s another little pop of red I forgot to show you last time.

Whenever and wherever there’s an opportunity to display the color story of the kitchen, I take it.

And have I mentioned how much I love pillows?

Naturally, we put a bird on it. This is a Portlandia kitchen, after all.