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CKC #30: A Whole Salad Opportunity


Tonight’s meal was oh so simple. I guess that’s how it works when you plan ahead.

Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it planning ahead in my case. Yesterday at noon I was starving and of course I forgot to bring my lunch but that might have been because I had nothing to bring but I’m not sure of anything that didn’t happen in the last five minutes so I walked to Whole Foods to get a freshly made tunafish sandwich (they let you select from a menu of ingredients in addition to the tunafish, and I find adding tomato, lettuce, pickles, carmelized onions and balsamic vinegar to be a wonderful combination).

So while I was waiting for my sandwich, it occurred to me that I should actually consider the deli counter as a source of food items for dinner so I wouldn’t have to start thinking of ideas when I got home from work. Basking in the glow of this foresightful insight, I decided we should have an assortment of salads to choose from so I got some orzo/spinach/feta salad, some smoked mozzarella/pasta/red pepper salad and some curry chicken/almonds/raisin salad. And threw some barbecue drumsticks in the bargain.

Well, I don’t know about the bargain part. Some people call it Whole Paycheck, you know.

I was ever so pleased with my foresight, until I got home and opened the fridge and remembered we were going to have leftovers from Esparza’s for dinner. After I recovered from that shock, I put the deli items in the fridge so I could pretend I had planned ahead by a whole entire day!!

So that’s how we ended up with plates wholly full of salads for dinner tonight.

The kitchen is silently rehearsing for its big inspection tomorrow. I told it to go to bed early so it would be well rested in the morning and leave the rest to the universe. I hope that was good advice.