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As the page turns… in the real Portlandia!

Go ahead and judge this book by its cover.

Go ahead and judge this book by its cover.

Grieving is hard. It’s long. It does you in. It doesn’t end. Some days getting out of bed is the most courageous act you can imagine. And accomplish.

I already know I will be grieving Blaine the rest of my life. You have no earthly idea how much I miss him. Just to exchange one more glance, I would give everything. To see him smile. The universe for one more hug. The chance to say goodbye.

In what now seems clearly a survival strategy, I actually managed to finish the book I was working on when Blaine left. I dove headfirst into a deep and consuming project. Not only were the words my responsibility, but also the design and layout. And know this: when the author does the layout, the words seem never to be finished. Catch that typo. Use a different turn of phrase. Put in that cool thing you forgot. So it takes longer than it takes. (Credit to an old friend, Paul Nyrczinski, for that aphorism: “Things always take longer than they take.”)

But it finally got printed. And delivered to us. You can see a video of Joyce and I opening the first copies here. And we have a real live website and everything, look here.

Since the shipment of three pallets with 2,500 books arrived, we have embarked on a marketing campaign so we can sell the books and recover our costs. Yes, we self-published. It’s our very own necks on the line.

So far, in addition to purchasing the book from our website, you can buy it in a growing number of retail locations. Powell’s Books, for example (all stores except the one at the airport)! Did you know you can order from Powell’s online and pick it up in a store without any shipping cost? Or you could buy two books and they would be shipped for free!

The book is also available at a number of New Seasons Markets. Multnomah County Library has it (OMG, all copies are checked out right now, they better order more!!). Other bookstores like Broadway Books, Reed College Bookstore. Quite a few quilt/fabric stores: Cool Cottons, Fabric Depot, Pioneer Quilts, The Pine Needle, A Common Thread, Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest, The Cotton Patch.

And soon it will be in Made in Oregon. And who knows where all. We are relentless in our marketing efforts. By the end of this, we should be able to write a book about marketing a book. Not that that’s never been done. ūüôā

We are proud of our book. We think it will appeal to a whole lot of people:

  • people who live in Portland and want to discover what they don’t know about their home town
  • people who visit Portland (or want to) and want a tangible record of their experience that goes way beyond a phone full of¬†selfies,
  • quilters who have always wanted to see quilts in a leading role, and
  • every person not in the above categories

So we think you might fit in there somewhere. Check it out!


A round-about shout-out!


So today’s A&E section of the Oregonian has, as always, a little interview with a local person who is a film freak. And, oddly enough, that’s what the column is called: film freak. Apparently written by long-time local movie critic Ted Mahar.

So today’s film freak is David Craig. No, not the David Craig I know, the wonderful husband of Debbie Craig. A different David Craig. This one is heavy into documentary films, it seems.

And guess what documentary he mentions to show just how extensive Film Baby‘s collection of documentaries is: Finding Rev Phil. The exact quote: “There’s even a documentary about local icon Reverend Phil!”

How cool! How weird! He doesn’t mention actually watching it, mind you. But at least he feels better just knowing it’s there.

Oh, did I mention you can buy it here? And watch a little trailer for free?!

The Geek Gets Gorgeous!



We finally have something to show for our work!  Come on down and check out the storefront windows at Free Geek!!

In fact, stroll through the whole facility…you’ll see a new level of orderliness, cleanliness and appreciation for the esthetic at every turn.¬† What the heck is going on??

If you’ve been to Free Geek, you may have noticed that for the past few years, many of the storefront picture windows have served more or less as a storage closet for plywood, cardboard, styrofoam, etc. ‚Äď basically anything and everything that was completely opaque (thereby blocking all the light) and butt-ugly.¬† It kinda felt to me like Free Geek was mooning visitors¬† ;-(

Everytime I pulled up in front, my heart sank.¬† So I proposed we beautify the windows by making some kind of community quilt to hang along the front.¬† There was an initial hesitance from some quarters because there was fear it would block the light (huh??? you mean the light you haven’t ever seen???), but we assured them we could hang it in a way that would allow ample light.

We had some great old linen napkins that had been Ric’s grandmother’s that we used to create quilt square kits, handing them out to anyone who agreed to participate. ¬†

Deborah Hubbard and Moira stepped forward and together we joined the squares that were turned in.¬† We loved the variety that appeared…

Of course there were penguins:

and cleverly used computer detritus:

and words that capture the Free Geek essence:

and Free Geek weirdness:


On Saturday, Ric (aka Call the Fixer) spent the whole day attaching wood to concrete, designing and creating little wooden thingies to put the brackets on, and getting the rods in place so we could actually get them up.  Thank you Mr. Fixer Man!!

We have a few more to hang, so it would be well worth your while to come take a look… it sounds weird when I say it out loud, but Free Geek is getting gorgeous!!!