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Hope lives, reality fails. Now what?


I have a bit of a war going on inside me. And I still can’t tell which side is going to win.

On one side, there is a celebration of what is possible on our lonely planet. We have so many ways and means to be connected, to work together, to care for one another and to be one world as never before. It amazes me and fills me with happiness and hope.

On the other side, I see all of us (almost all) behaving in petty mean ways, acting from a position of fear rather than love. Grabbing what we can claim and squirrel away for ourselves and those within our circle. Not calculating the real and true cost of how we live and what we enjoy. When I see this behavior in my own self, it shames me. I try to do better and find a way to live with my failures. The reckoning day may not arrive within my lifetime, but it will come.

Why do we act like this? Why don’t we use the tools we already have to unite on this precious planet? Why do we not treasure this place more? Why must we see other human beings as apart, even enemies?

As Dr. Phil would say, “How’s that workin for ya?”

How about we just wake up tomorrow and stop it? Seriously. What’s stopping us? What’s stopping you? What’s stopping me?