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CKC #51: The first course of the photo reveal


If you ask me what I’ve been doing the last few days, my answer will be something to do with the kitchen. Mostly moving back in. While there are miles to go before we sleep, I’m posting a few photos as, well, more than appetizers, let’s call them the first course.

south end of kitchen

This photo looks at the southwest corner of the kitchen, you can see the upper cabinets, the countertop that includes a little extension that accommodates two bar stools, and a ceramic pendant light that is really cool. On the right side is the sink with another pendant, this one made of Venetian glass. Please note the orchids are back in the garden window too!

See how the slits in the ceramic shade cast pieces of light that look like bamboo leaves when it’s dark in the room.


A closeup of the mixer (that started the kitchen hope chest) and little spoon man.


To the right of the kitchen sink is the espresso machine, toaster, bread box and, like several other places, a pop of red.

Another little pop of red, including the little ladybugs crawling on the berry basket. No, not real ladybugs, but the artistry of Meghan and Jenn of jampdx (see their jampdx etsy shop)

The bookshelves are beginning to flll. Can you figure out my organization system. It ain’t Dewey Decimal, that’s for sure. I confess it was inspired by Portlandia.