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A round-about shout-out!


So today’s A&E section of the Oregonian has, as always, a little interview with a local person who is a film freak. And, oddly enough, that’s what the column is called: film freak. Apparently written by long-time local movie critic Ted Mahar.

So today’s film freak is David Craig. No, not the David Craig I know, the wonderful husband of Debbie Craig. A different David Craig. This one is heavy into documentary films, it seems.

And guess what documentary he mentions to show just how extensive Film Baby‘s collection of documentaries is: Finding Rev Phil. The exact quote: “There’s even a documentary about local icon Reverend Phil!”

How cool! How weird! He doesn’t mention actually watching it, mind you. But at least he feels better just knowing it’s there.

Oh, did I mention you can buy it here? And watch a little trailer for free?!