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CKC #43: Don’t mind me, I’m just venting


I am flat out wasted this week. Came home from work early yesterday and slept for the next seven hours. Then slept another eight a bit later.


At long last, an upper cabinet. (sans glass)

I think I’ve had too much on my life plate and not enough on my dinner plate (not enough good fresh food, that is). That’s one of the hazards of kitchen makeovers. One’s balance gets thrown off, and the longer it lasts, the more danger you’re in. Easy food is not always healthy food.

The cabinet installation seems to be taking an awfully long time. We do finally have an upper cabinet to show you though. The installers spend a lot of time talking on the phone and standing around talking while smoking cigarettes. They work harder and faster when Paul is here. When he’s not, we don’t see the intense focus on getting the job done we’ve seen at earlier stages. And yesterday, when a couple of handles got installed on drawers, one of the handles was the wrong one and the drawer bottom got thrashed as a result. So I guess they’ll have to redo that one. 


The hood vent that would be finished except a piece was missing from the box.

When Paul was installing the hood vent, he discovered a piece was missing from the box. And of course the dealer didn’t have another one so we have to wait 10 days til the new one arrives. Which is of course puts it past our granddaughters’ visit. There’s also an issue with the crown molding and it won’t be installed for another couple of weeks either.

The refrigerator and stove are supposed to be delivered today, they are from the same dealer as the hood vent, let’s hope there’s nothing missing from those boxes. It would be nice to actually be able to start using the refrigerator.

While conveniently located just beside our Big TV, I have grown to loathe that appliance over the past two months. Yes. Loathe.

Otherwise we are still on schedule. I think. The countertop is being cut and prepared right now and will be installed on Thursday.

So please forgive my petty complaints. I’ve grown weary. 

Guess I’m just venting.

P.S. Almost forgot, for dinner I sliced some vintage tomatoes (aka heirloom) and put on top of spinach artichoke spread from Whole Foods and slices of a Grand Central Bakery baguette. With some Whole Foods Smoked Mozzarella pasta salad. Not bad for a cookless kitchen!



CKC #30: A Whole Salad Opportunity


Tonight’s meal was oh so simple. I guess that’s how it works when you plan ahead.

Well, I wouldn’t exactly call it planning ahead in my case. Yesterday at noon I was starving and of course I forgot to bring my lunch but that might have been because I had nothing to bring but I’m not sure of anything that didn’t happen in the last five minutes so I walked to Whole Foods to get a freshly made tunafish sandwich (they let you select from a menu of ingredients in addition to the tunafish, and I find adding tomato, lettuce, pickles, carmelized onions and balsamic vinegar to be a wonderful combination).

So while I was waiting for my sandwich, it occurred to me that I should actually consider the deli counter as a source of food items for dinner so I wouldn’t have to start thinking of ideas when I got home from work. Basking in the glow of this foresightful insight, I decided we should have an assortment of salads to choose from so I got some orzo/spinach/feta salad, some smoked mozzarella/pasta/red pepper salad and some curry chicken/almonds/raisin salad. And threw some barbecue drumsticks in the bargain.

Well, I don’t know about the bargain part. Some people call it Whole Paycheck, you know.

I was ever so pleased with my foresight, until I got home and opened the fridge and remembered we were going to have leftovers from Esparza’s for dinner. After I recovered from that shock, I put the deli items in the fridge so I could pretend I had planned ahead by a whole entire day!!

So that’s how we ended up with plates wholly full of salads for dinner tonight.

The kitchen is silently rehearsing for its big inspection tomorrow. I told it to go to bed early so it would be well rested in the morning and leave the rest to the universe. I hope that was good advice.