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Purging doesn’t mean putting stuff out in the yard.


Quote of the day from hubbikins: “It doesn’t count as cleaning the basement when you just put the stuff you purge out in the yard.”

Okay, okay, he has a point. It is beginning to look a little, oh, I don’t know, maybe one of those houses where the property is full of every-car-every-person-related-to-a-person-in-the-house-drove-until-it-died-there, every-appliance-the-family-rescued-from-the-side-of-the-road-hoping-some-part-of-it-would-work-but-none-did look. There are several remarkably large rolls of bubble wrap lying around out there we planned to use to insulate the greenhouse, for example. And some shelves in the side yard. And, oh yeah, that chair on the part of the ramp Blaine doesn’t need. And an entire porch full of bird-related stuff. And the old stove covered in the blue tarp. Gives “yard debris” a whole new meaning.

Okay, this is not what I had in mind. Not at all. I’ll get right on it.

But you should see how clean and organized the basement is! Here are some photos of my part, beginning with the grocery store in the basement:
And two views of the holiday zone below:

Now I’ll show you what Ric’s part looks like:

You can’t even walk through it. Just so you know, this is what the rest of the basement looked like too until I purged. If only I had taken “before” photos. But I didn’t, so just trust me. It was horrid.

But to be fair, and I am after all, a fair person, he’s putting his energy into setting up his new Sprinter truck with all those new bins and shelves he ordered from Sweden! Yes, Sweden. Ric doesn’t abide just any old shelves and bins, he wants that northern European design esthetic.
It’s looking pretty danged organized if I do say so myself!!!