Unveiling The One Block Wonder


Would you believe my one-block wonder quilt top is finished! Whew! Here’s what it looks like:

So I’m wondering if it’s bright enough?

Seriously, I’m thinking I need to show my work. I took a class at Cool Cottons, using the technique in the One Block Wonder book.

So you start by selecting a multicolored fabric with a 24 inch repeat in the pattern. Here’s my choice (yes, inspired by Toaster Moon decor!):

You use the special Kaleido-Ruler to cut triangles of a certain size out of fabric strips of a certain size.

You join 8 triangles into an octagon, like this:

Then you join smaller triangles to the octagons to form a square.

You can choose triangles that contrast with the nearby octagons, or triangles that blend with the adjacent octagons. I chose ones that blend, which gives a different effect than when you choose contrasting fabric. That’s why my quilt looks somewhat different than many one block wonder quilts, I think.

Then you join the squares so they look like what you see when you look through a kaleidoscope.

Then you choose fabrics for the borders. As usual, I went for eye-catching fabric in bright colors. When I got the outer border on, I decided it needed some embellishment, so I added curvy strips of the inner border, and random triangle shapes of the main fabric. The result:

Now I need to quilt it and and binding around the outer edge to finish it off. Then it will join its fabric kinfolk in Toaster Moon.


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  1. Thank you everybody!! Beth, when I finished (I thought) the top, I realized the outer border was just too blah (even though it was a bright color). So I just cut some random curly lengths from the inner border fabric, and some random geometic shapes from the fabric the one block wonder squares were made from. Then I just laid out randomly. No real plan, just an instinct kind of thing. I thought it was much more balanced when I finished!

  2. I really like the border. Another nice touch is the one large square that you put in the pattern.

  3. Thank you so much! Yes, doing a large block was the teacher’s suggestion. Since my quilt is small, I only put one. In larger quilts she suggests three. Should always be an odd number.

  4. There is something soothing with symmetry, but I am still drawn to asymmetrical (odd numbered) patterns.

  5. Beautiful quilt! I work for C&T, the publisher of the book “One-Block Wonders” – I’m so glad you enjoyed the process! I just joined Crafty Nation and saw you there.

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  7. I’ve been trying to figure out how to cut the triangles for the one block wonder, and I have that triangle ruler you showed in the first photo, but it doesn’t match the triangles in the next photos. Am I missing something?